CollabZo and Great lakes Consulting. Two companies, one thought : To enable their customers serve Global Markets. We understand Information technology is not a wizards wand but has to be supported with well thought out and customized business processes, people, skills and relevant products. We bring it all together.


Unlike IT companies we are not only about Business technology. We create Business using Technology.

CollabZo and Great lakes consulting together bring over 100 man years of experience in business and technology since 2007*. We address your business aspirations with customers of different genres like Entrepreneurs, social businesses, writers guilds, E-commerce for business and associations etc.


We also create Technology!

Consider our proprietary Digital Business Development Process where we create and execute new age concepts for web production, allowing our customers to have a direct access to their customers using the power of Digital Marketing and the World Wide Web
Our people centric products are not only robust and easy to use but also highly affordable by our customers.
SCollabzo believes in creating open products which can best fit customer requirements, without the overheads of a custom built product.

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