Livelihood Enablement

Work is an important part of every person’s life; it defines who we are and without work we often feel socially excluded. For young people, finding a stable job position is also a symbol that marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. In finding employment, young people find independence and a freedom of choice about their lives. It gives them a certain degree of economic security that is often a prerequisite for partnership formation and parenthood.

The essentials for generating sustainable livelihoods are ‘adaptability’ and ‘dynamic livelihood capability’. It is thus desired to improve the effectiveness of the non-formal training system in order to mediate the lateral potential of people into productive social and economic activity, while sensitizing itself to their current livelihood conditions and capabilities. Collabzo creates these processes under the RurAlly program .

RuralAlly is a social entrepreneurship program jointly initiated by Collabzo Solutions (P) Ltd. to achieve the goal of creating livelihood opportunities for families residing in rural and semi-urban areas. The RuralAlly team comprises professionals from industry and academics, bringing together a rich experience of social business start-ups. The program's strength lies in creating sustainable business models for social business and strategies to achieve sustainable social goals.

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