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Collabzo Leadership

Leadership development expands the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations. Leadership roles are those that facilitate execution of a company’s strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare and growing the capabilities of others. Leadership roles may be formal, with the corresponding authority to make decisions and take responsibility, or they may be informal roles with little official authority (e.g., a member of a team who influences team engagement, purpose and direction; a lateral peer who must listen and negotiate through influence). Whichever the form it takes, leadership and it’s development is the key to business and professional success.
Focused on leadership, change, and innovation, our program empowers you to take on the cross-functional responsibilities of corporate leadership. It’s highly integrated approach broadens understanding of core operations and best practices, and deepens your confidence to lead high-performing global teams and cross-functional initiatives that generate future growth. With a broader grasp of management, you will return to your organization ready to identify problems, formulate solutions, and adapt to global market shifts



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