The Enterprise  Collaboration Framework

CollabZo, or Collaboration Zone, is an enterprise portal, a framework for integrating information, people, processes and applications across organizational boundaries

CollabZo is based on the four key concepts of employee development

  • Intra Organization Collaboration & communication
  • Central Knowledge base with Knowledge Management tools                                                                    
  • Task and employee  Management tools
  • Training Management, web delivery and web training tools                                                                         

The Collabzo way

When deployed in a organization, CollabZo provides

  • Cost & Time Savings of training and development
  • Real Time management control on assigned tasks
  • Single view of multi-departmental application ( if integrated)
  • Single integrated source for Messages and Messaging
  • Real time and Unified Communication

The Collaboration layer is based on the concept of an Enterprise Social Software (which includes social networking tools, wikis, blogs, profiles, communities, advanced search functions, and other collaboration capabilities like messaging, application integration and above all a Knowledge Base and Repository with Management features. In addition critical tools to manage shared work processes, Documents and information.  

According to some reports, definitely. IDC research shows that the cost of not finding information is $3,300 per employee, per year -- the result of ineffective searches, poor access tools, reformats, revisions and overall inconsistencies in the data.

CIOs have found that using collaboration tools helped streamline business processes and save money -- thus increasing ROI. By integrating workflows and current data and information updates into one central repository, employees are able to work faster and more efficiently.

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