Education and Employability

It is a well known fact now that in another five years India will (potentially) house the world’s largest workforce. According to Ernst and Young, the Indian workforce will grow to 900 million strong by 2020 and growing. However, while India will have the numbers, the youth will not have the quality, hard and soft skills required to become employable.

High level of school dropouts

Skills and Certification

Business communication

High level of school dropouts (Academic reasons) :

A cluster of school based reasons indicate that school does not provide a supportive environment for academic success or self-esteem.

Poor academic performance (9-10%)
Fell behind with lessons (5-8%)
Discouraged by teachers (14% particularly for dropouts); 46% criticized by teacher
Did not like school (5-13% particularly for dropouts)

Skills and Certification of Skills -

It is a surprising fact that though the youth have technical familiarity, only 6% of the workforce has any form of technical certification. The sectors which need certified skills like Auto, Building, textiles etc., have multiple types of skills which are needed. For example, training and certification for electricians who are needed in most sectors. The problem comes in terms of affordability and accessibility. Apart from this are the huge cost implications of setting up labs for practical training.

Business world communication – Lack of written and spoken English -

‘Aspiring Minds’ National Employability Report’ states “…as many as 47 per cent graduates in India are not employable for any industry role. Their lack of English language knowledge and cognitive skills were identified as the major obstacles to their suitability in the job market.” If the problems are addressed, the opportunity that presents itself is large enough. It can change the lives of every Indian, at every level; reduce poverty; raise affordability and in turn create the World’s largest base of financially empowered consumers.

Completing the circle – Connecting relevant candidates to Job Opportunities. -

A key gap which exists is the accessibility of course “pass outs” to job opportunities. We provide a mechanism to partner with the industry to align clusters or pools of qualified manpower to job fairs organized by them in mapped locations, sector wise.

Collabzo is aggregating solutions to address all three issues, using a blend of technology and human resources. This is through a Technology enabled platform, which will accessible by over 200,000 Learning Centres and which is an aggregator platform for learning programs which solutions for –

A. Reduction in school dropouts (for academic reasons) by providing engaging content which creates a Learning Support System, akin to the tutor concept. The objective is to increase their understanding and retention of their subjects, helping them to excel and therefore NOT dropout due to academic constraints
B. Increase in communication skills and English Language proficiency through English language Learning content, including removal of MTI and correcting pronunciations, starting at School Level and going up to a Professional Level.
C. Vocational Skills in various trades, with certification, creating a higher level of local economy employability. This is further enhanced with a potential tie up with “Vocational Training providers” (under Min of labor) from whose locations we can offer practical & hands on experiences as part of the training itself, ending in a certification.

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