Med On Net

Opening New Frontiers for Healthcare

The Internet, first developed as a resource to facilitate communication, has now grown into a global network of computer systems that link multiple platforms and creates interrelationships between governments, academic institutions, businesses and consumers. It has far reaching benefits especially in countries where accessibility and availability of products and services maybe constrained due to the terrain or geographical spread. Countries like India and Africa can widely benefit from internet based consumer services which in turn can enhance the quality of life of citizens.

With this background we have formed the Medonnet platform, electronically connecting consumers to doctors, pharmacists, drug companies and other consumers as well, to facilitate medical health, knowledge, transparency and access to legal and dependable medical diagnostics, advice and medicines.

Medonnet creates transparency, access to genuine drugs at fair/ lower prices as well as a record of medical histories of patients, where required.

With this platform, Medonnet is being positioned to address the deep rooted need of rural and urban India, for the people at the bottom of the economic segment, where access and availability of health facilities is either nonexistent or of low availability at best. With Medonnet’s unique business and operational model, these facilities can be availed by our rural and marginalized communities, even though they may not be literate or computer savvy.

Rural Operational Model

In India, the rural population often has little access to medical services. When villagers get sick, they must either make a costly trip to visit clinics in big cities, take their chances with poorly trained local practitioners, or go to free government clinics that are staffed by physicians only a few hours a week, with low or no availability of medicines, OTC or prescription.

In this scenario Medonnet is a game changer. The platform not only e-connects the patients to doctors right in their homes, but also ensures regular supply of medicines to the village center, delivered from reliable and licensed pharmacists. To overcome the limitation of computer operational knowledge, Medonnet uses the SHG network to deliver these services, who in turn uses the platform as a proxy on behalf of the patient. Equipped with a tablet PC (provided by us) to access the platform, the SHG will operate in predefined clusters of villages (where they usually go for their other work) to deliver –

Tele-medicine for diagnostics
Availability and stocks of different medicines
Medicine Ordering module connected direct to the distributor/ pharmacist
Transparency of pricing and legality of drugs

For Telemedicine, we offer a hybrid model ( a combination of live consultation and store and forward) to account for the different internet speeds as well as availability of bandwidth. The SHG will visit the reported patient and set up the consultation at predetermined times. This ensures privacy, zero requirement of dedicated space as well as a home facility for the patient. We are in the process of tying up with well known hospitals who can provide telemedicine services as well as General Practitioners for routine problems.

For the medial supply chain, the SHG, will use the local chemist or trader which maybe the village touch points to consolidate orders and load them into the ordering system through the platform. Once the order is punched and delivery is scheduled and sent to the SHG woman in one village of the cluster which maybe well connected logistically. SHG would then deliver the medicines to the respective chemists and would be also responsible for the collection of the payments. She would be paid a percentage of sales done and delivered and payment collected, which can add to her earnings as well. The system is open to checks and balances in terms of prices and genuineness.

Electronically connect to doctors and specialists
Ease of supply chain with a quicker delivery time
Legality and genuineness of consultations and drugs
Generation of secondary Livelihood opportunities

Medonnet for Urban India

While effectively providing much needed medical services to rural India, Medonnet is also a B2C platform delivers key services for the Urban market as well. These services include –

Knowledge resources for consumers, patients and doctors (sponsored by Pharmaceutical companies)
Ease of supply chain with a quicker delivery timeServes as an information exchange between consumers
Connects the consumers to the Chemists for online medicine orders for ease and time saving
Transparency of availability and prices of medicines
Patient record system (optional)

While open online medicine buying can be a hazard as well, Medonnet recognized this and hence has created a closed user group of Consumers, Chemists, Pharmacists and doctors to ensure that there is complete genuineness of transactions as well a audit trail as a check point. .

With these facilities Medonnet serves as a multi-market platform, addressing different needs and delivering a high value for segment. The platform offers convenience and privacy for persons buying on-line while providing expanded access to prescription drugs and health care practitioners. Through the system, the disabled, the elderly, and patients living in remote areas can easily obtain information, products and services that were previously acquired only with great difficulty. Also, price differences are quite often important, with at least the genuine pricing being known and paid, if not discounted.

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