industry 4.0 readiness platform


Employees help companies realize their digital transformation and are the ones most affected by the changes of the digital workplace. Their direct working environment is altered, requiring them to acquire new skills and qualifications. This makes it more and more critical that companies prepare their employees for these changes through appropriate training and continuing education. 

The Readiness  dimension of employees is determined by analyzing employees skills in various areas and the company’s efforts to acquire new skill sets. This results in a skill gap analyses which needs to be recorded, fulfilled and tracked for competencies. 

The CollabZo Training Management System, or TMS,  does all this and much more. Available as a service or under Enterprise Licensing, the TMS offers a powerful solution for employee training & development for i4.0.


Industry 4.0 is about more than just improving existing products or processes through the use of digital technologies – it actually offers the opportunity to develop entirely new business models. For this reason, its implementation is of great strategic importance. We examine the current openness toward and the cultural interaction with Industry 4.0 using the following four criteria:

o Implementation status of Industry 4.0 strategy

o Operationalization and review of strategy through a system of indicators

o Investment activity relating to Industry 4.0

o Use of technology and innovation management

The CollabZo Consulting Services, along with our partners in Germany,  will work with your management, as a coach, to evolve your i4.0  strategy  and help you cross the chasm. 



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