CollabZo Learn


CollabZo Learning: Training, Management and Tracking

CollabZo Learning  is a web based, Planning & Training Management Portal, which delivers and manages online and blended capacity building programs across geographies and boundaries. It includes facilities from planning or programs, to execution, to delivery to payment settlements and finally trainee testing and performance. Its Content Management features and associated Learning Management System combined with the management capabilities make it a unique and essential tool for all capacity building programs.

Centralized Learning

Centralized Learning Environment ensures consistency. Multiple users can access the ERP at any given point in time. CollabZo ensures consistency in delivery and evaluation since each user sees the exactly the same material in the same manner and can be evaluated through common pre-testing and/or post testing methods. CollabZo allows managers to easily design and deploy customized training modules, as a standard across domains.

Tracking and Reporting

CollabZo  allows users to view a required learning path, track progress against  the learning path, success and areas that needs improvement.

Capabilities Evaluation

CollabZo allows users to be evaluated prior to taking a course, while participating in the course, and upon course completion. Employers can evaluate retention by periodically administering scheduled assessments via the ERP.

Cost Effectiveness

ERP allows multiple people to be trained at same time, thus reducing reliance on trainers and reducing cost of training.

Executive Dashboard & MIS Reports

Software will provide executive dashboards for the management at all appropriate levels.

Corporate Level

1.       Training  Target  vs. Actual Trained  (Bar Chart)
2.       Pie Chart regarding total employees vs. Trained employees
3.       Pie Chart regarding total employees vs. Remaining to be trained
4.       GroupWise
5.       Training Effectiveness – Survey Analysis.
6.       Pie Chart showing Invoice received vs. payment made regarding training program
7.       Trend Analysis (Line Diagram) regarding no. of participants trainer
Regional Level
1.       Employees selected for participation vs. actual trained
2.       Effectiveness of the training program
3.       Bills/Invoice generated vs. payment pending
4.       Month wise program Chart regarding employees trained

In addition to the dashboards, there will be several MIS reports which can be generated from the system data, based upon the frequency and requirements of the users. The data for these reports can be exported in pdf and excel format.



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