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CollabZo, or Collaboration Zone, is an enterprise portal, a framework for integrating information, people, processes and applications across organizational boundaries. The Collaboration layer is based on the concept of an Enterprise Social Software (which includes social networking tools, wikis, blogs, profiles, communities, advanced search functions, and other collaboration capabilities like messaging, application integration and above all a Knowledge Base and Repository with Management features and critical tools to manage shared work processes, Documents and information.

The intended usage and scope brings about


     Intra- Organization Networking

CIOs have found that using collaboration tools helped streamline business processes and save money -- thus increasing ROI. By integrating workflows and current data and information updates into one central repository, employees are able to work faster and more efficiently

Protection of corporate  Intellectual Property

Every employee carries with him knowledge and information built as your employee over time. When he leaves, this leaves with him. The circle starts again. With CollabZo this information is present in the knowledge base and can be reused – cutting down long learning cycle times and protecting your investment in IP

     Instil intra organization information  sharing / mentoring

By seeking out a group of like-minded employees, workers can gain a valuable source of motivation, inspiration and support. Beyond referrals, employees can share challenges out to their network in order to brainstorm solutions for all. These types of communities can also help relieve the isolation felt by many employees and new joiners


Protect  historical application investment

Single point of integration for historical and new third party & partner applications allows continued and effective use of IT systems.



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